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01. Installing AWS CLI

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Opening an AWS account

Since the startup stack is essentially open sourcing an already running production cluster, everything is kinds stitched on AWS.

First thing you need to do is to open an account on Amazon AWS for your company. You probably already have this, but worth mentioning anyway.

Install the AWS CLI

The AWS CLI is part of the stack, we use it in order to launch some new instances, configure security groups, launch load balancers and more.

The CLI Requires Pyton to make sure you have everything installed and configured.

You can follow the instructions for that over on Amazon.

Watch your costs

If you want to start working with the stack, please be aware that everything you do with the CLI likely has cost to it.
Make sure you run only the minimum of what you need in order to get up and running, it's easy to fire and forget hundreds on instances on Amazon. Trust me :)