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The VteX Files is an experimental action RPG set on moon VteX, a rather hostile environment, where players face an abyss full of horrors. In the process, this tale of out-of-control capitalism, inter-dimensional surveillance and space-time distortion becomes strangely and poignantly relatable. From the first-person perspective, you experience the daily struggles of 21st century archetypes Charlie Hanson and John Dyson, battered employees in the farming and military sector. Slip into the roles of existing characters, develop, or invent new ones, go into combat with mythical creatures or appropriate technocapitalism, how to approach complexities on VteX is up to you.

Getting the big picture is the mission on VteX and every generic capability you posess will be of surprising use when roaming its bruised soil. Curiosity, intuition or creative problem solving are most valuable assets in this thought-provoking strategy game, but in order to perform tactical operations like robot slaying, it is vital to experiment with language and technology. Whether writing with your gut, making tools for communication or navigation, solving cryptographic puzzles and much more besides - throughout the game you will be challenged to build upon existing knowledge.

Hand the futile task of engineering a future over to the forces of desire, clone and get your licence to speed! Starting point and outcomes of the game are neither predetermined nor important, choose from infinite possibilites to discover new, hitherto unknown paths. The game doesn't directly pursue commercial interests, but wants to promote the free flow of information. Get in touch for any questions you might have, feedback and tips are greatly appreciated.


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