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Contributors GitHub release (latest by date) Contributors GitHub stars We believe writing good code is not only about writing good code. It’s also about the words around it. We aims to deliver both: code and words. Twitter URL

An unspeakable evil plagues the world of software developers. It’s present in private software projects and in oh so many open source contributions. It prevents brilliant engineers making a name for themselves. And the coolest projects from taking off. That evil is poor communication in writing.

Because writing good code” is not only about “writing good code.

Sure, the code is the kernel. But around it, or about it, the software developer has to write a lot of words:

  • Technical Documentation
  • Code Comments
  • Commits, Pull Requests
  • Tasks
  • Emails and many more

We believe that good code can be made bad by improper use of words around it. Therefore, a software developer who strives to deliver good code should also strive to communicate effectively in writing. Such is the whole fruit of a developer’s labor, kernel and all.

Our mission is to spread the good word. Will you join us?

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