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Please test branch xkcd-fetch on Windows #4

jgonggrijp opened this Issue · 5 comments

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You can use the version from the main repo, if I'm right.


I forgot to mention this: you should run the command through rscall, not through rsshell because we're not sure yet that rsshell is supported on Windows.

So if I'm right, you'd do this (as an example):

> rscall src/ 300

Neil, please correct me if I'm wrong.


If rscall is in your path, and is a symlink to or copy of, and your working directory is the red spider root, then yes, that would work. Generally I've been running it like this:

cd /path/to/the-red-spider-project/src
./ ./ 300

Thanks. I think this will be the Windows equivalent, then:

cd c:\\path\to\the-red-spider-project\src
python python 300

It's a bit inconvenient, but I think I know how we can improve upon that in the near future.


I managed to test on Windows 7, with the latest versions of Git and Python 2.7. It's working like a charm in the default command prompt. It also works with PowerShell, but in that case the program is run in a separate window which closes directly on termination. There's probably no need to deal with that now, once there are true PowerShell users they'll probably find a way to solve that issue.

It doesn't work in the Git Bash terminal, but that's because Python isn't in the /usr/bin subdirectory of the Git installation (obviously) and because it isn't in the PATH in the first place. However, those issues will be solved when we adopt the new rsshell with dispatch through /usr/bin/env (which is available from the Git installation) and when the user adds python.exe to their PATH, respectively, so no further action on the xkcd-fetch branch is required in this regard.

I did discover one issue on the Mac: over there I'm running Python 2.6 by default, and it chokes on xkcd-fetch because it depends on the argparse module which was introduced only in Python 2.7. I'll submit a new issue to remind us that we should document that dependency at some point.

All in all, I think we can give the green light to xkcd-fetch and merge it into master!

(Final note: find the actual test script for the default command prompt below.)

cd c:\\path\to\the-red-spider-project\src 300
@jgonggrijp jgonggrijp closed this

If you haven't merged xkcd-fetch back into master by 10:30 US eastern time, I will.

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