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Azure on Ansible basis
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(Azure on Ansible basis)

Table of content


I would like to provide you here some Ansible based solution for Azure


Install packages for ansible

I use Ansible 2.5.x.

# update PIP on your computer
sudo pip install --upgrade pip 

# Install/Update azure 
sudo pip install azure --upgrade 

# Install/Update msrestazure 
sudo pip install msrestazure --upgrade  

# Install/update packaging 
sudo pip install packaging --upgrade 

# Install/Update cryptography 
sudo pip install cryptography --upgrade 

# Install/Update azure module for Ansible 
sudo pip install ansible[azure] --upgrade

Access on Azure for Ansible

Here we create a Service Principal in Azurre and the credential file for Azure access.

Create Service Principal

  1. Login to Azure (and set the default subscription)
az cloud update

az cloud set -n AzureCloud
# Login with your account
az login -u <your username>
# Set the required subsctiption
az account set --subscription <subscriptionID>
  1. Create the service principal for automation
az ad sp create-for-rbac --name Automation_ResourceManager --query '{"client_id": appId, "secret": password, "tenant": tenant}'
  • Please write down and store in a secret place the "secret" because you cannot receive again from system anymore.
  • Required permission for this SP on subscription: Contributor
  • You have to be owner or co-administrator privileges on Azure to be able to create Service Principal
  1. Make credential file

When you execute a playbook with Ansible it requires the Azure login data. For this we have to create a file

# Create directory
mkdir ~/.azure

# Create the azure file for credential
vim ~/.azure/credentials


You are ready to Ansible on Azure.


100 - Fudamentals

A simple and easy to understand example which can work in a live environment as well. Jump there

101 - Health check

A tool for check your Linux server availability with a simple script execution on the remote VM. Jump there

201 - Virtual Machine with multiple NICs

A solution which can deploy VMs with 2 NICs. It deploys VNET, Subnets, NSGs, AvailabilitySets as well. Jump there

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