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MQTT interface for C-Bus written in Node.js
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MQTT interface for C-Bus written in Node.js


(for raspberry pi)

cd /usr/local/bin
sudo git clone
cd cgateweb
npm install
sudo nano settings.js

Put in your settings.

sudo cp cgateweb.service /etc/systemd/system
sudo systemctl start cgateweb
sudo systemctl enable cgateweb

Usage if not using as service:

  1. Put your settings in settings.js
  2. Run node index.js

Detailed guides and supporting articles will be posted on my blog:

Updates get published on these topics:

  • cbus/read/#1/#2/#3/state - ON/OFF gets published to these topics if the light is turned on/off

  • cbus/read/#!/#2/#3/level - The level of the light gets published to these topics

Publish to these topics to control the lights:

  • cbus/write/#1/#2/#3/switch - Publish ON/OFF to these topics to turn lights on/off

  • cbus/write/#1/#2/#3/ramp - Publish a % to ramp to that %. Optionally add a comma then a time (e.g. 50,4s or 100,2m). Also, INCREASE/DECREASE ramp by 5% up or down and ON/OFF turns on/off.

This requests an update from all lights:

  • cbus/write/#1/#2//getall - current values get published on the cbus/read topics

#1,#2 and #3 should be replaced by your c-bus network number, application number, and the group number.

Requesting an update on start or periodic updates can be set in the settings file.

This requests the network tree:

  • cbus/write/#1///gettree - result gets published as JSON on cbus/read/#1///tree

Other notes:

I made this for working with OpenHAB It assumes the default cgate ports

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