Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries
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Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries

Release version 2.15.1-dev
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This is a GPL release of the Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries thanks to
Enlight Software which granted the ability to license the game under a
free and open source license in 2009. See the file "COPYING" for the
details of the license. We are indebted to Enlight for making the 7kfans
project possible and giving a new chance to build a community for fans
of the game.

Summary of changes from 2.14.7 to 2.15.0
 * Enabed multiplayer sync checking by default
 * Added experimental multiplayer game recording and replay (use 'r' at main
   menu screen after playing a match)
 * Enhanced localization support
 * Enabled translation support on Windows
 * Properly support system locales including UTF-8 codesets
 * Added Russian fonts
 * Added Russian translation
 * Improved 64-bit platform support
 * Upgraded to SDL 2.0.8 to work around Windows 10 1709 bug
 * Improved mouse control and full-screen interaction
 * Fixed obscure crashing bug with the Caravan interface
 * Added game manual

Thanks to all who made this release possible.

System Requirements

The game is known to run on recent versions of
* Windows
* Linux
* MacOS

The game is known to build and work on both x86 and x86_64 architectures. But
please note that playing multiplayer games between different architectures has
not been tested deeply. It would be best if to try with x86 builds on everyone's
system when arranging a multiplayer match until other arrangements are better

Building the game

Required dependencies
* GCC 4.6+ (C++11 compliant compiler)
* SDL 2.0.8 (
* enet 1.3.xx (
* OpenAL-soft or equivalent driver (

Optional dependencies
* Autoconf 2.65 (when using git snapshot)
* libcurl for full 7kfans multiplayer integration
* gettext 0.19
* Game music bundle (copy music into program data folder or PACKAGE_DATA_PATH)
* NSIS for building a Windows installer

Running locally from source build

To run the game from the build directory, you need to point to the game data
folder. The game data folder is set by the environment variable SKDATA. In
a bash shell, this can be accomplished by
$ SKDATA=data src/7kaa