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Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries

Release version 2.15.6
Project website:

This is a GPL release of the Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries thanks to
Enlight Software which granted the ability to license the game under a
free and open source license in 2009. See the file "COPYING" for the
details of the license. We are indebted to Enlight for making the 7kfans
project possible and giving a new chance to build a community for fans
of the game.

Summary of changes from 2.15.5 to 2.15.6

System Requirements

Supported operating systems
* Windows
* Linux
* MacOS

Supported architectures for multiplayer
* x86 compatible processor

Building the game

The build process is based on autotools, as this easily runs on all typical
Windows, Linux and Unix-like systems with minimal requirements. Below are the
additional things that you are expected to provide in your build environment.

For building for Windows, the environment we use is mingw-w64 with a cross-
compiler under Linux. The same mingw-w64 is available from MSYS native to
Windows. There are other similar environments, but we cannot help people
configure their system -- you are expected to know how to use your tools.

Required dependencies
* GCC 4.6+ C++11 compliant compiler
* SDL 2.0.8
* enet 1.3.xx Reliable UDP networking library
* OpenAL-soft or equivalent driver

Optional dependencies
* libcurl for full 7kfans multiplayer integration (website requires TLS1.2)
* gettext 0.19
* Game music: 7kaa-music-2.15
  -> Packagers: Copy music into program data folder or PACKAGE_DATA_DIR
  -> Make sure the file names are in upper-case
* NSIS for building a Windows installer
* TeX Live with latexmk, fontaxes, accanthis, universalis, and yfonts for
  generating the game manual in pdf

Autoconf 2.65+ and autoconf-archive is required when generating a configure
script. You do not need to generate a configure script when you are building
an officially released version of the game as it is already provided in the
source archive. Compiling and using git snapshots for general use is dis-
couraged and instead use the latest officially released version of the game.

Running locally from source build

To run the game from the build directory, you need to point to the game data
folder. The game data folder is set by the environment variable SKDATA. In
a bash shell, this can be accomplished by
$ SKDATA=data src/7kaa