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Working Demos can be found here:

A Websocket API to provide search functionality in Austria's Address register as published under,2601271&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

This package relies on the workings of these other components:

  • bevdockerdb, a PostGIS powered PostgreSQL installation with abbreviations and thesaurus dictionary for improved full text search;
    Github Project
    Docker Hub
  • bevaddress-dataload, a set of scripts to load data into the aforementioned PostGIS database.


Install locally using

go get

Local installation requires a working Golang environment.

Configuration and running

bevaddressapi accepts two environment variables for configuration:

PORT - the tcp port on which the websocket API will listen for incoming connections, defaults to 5000 if not set; SECPORT - the tcp port on which the websocket API will listen for incoming TLS connections; If not set or empty, the service is only served unencrypted; DATABASE_URL - a url defining the connection parameters to the database.

Currently only PostGIS is supported as the database backend. See the documentation on how to set this environment variable.

Install using Docker

docker pull the42/bevaddressapi


docker run -it --name bevadr -P -p 5000:5000 -e DATABASE_URL=postgres://<DB_username>:<DB_password>@<DB_host>:<DB_port>/bevaddress the42/bevaddressapi

Replace DB_.... wit the appropriate values to the Address-database

In case your database server does not support SSl-encryption use

docker run -it --name bevadr -P -p 5000:5000 -e DATABASE_URL=postgres://<DB_username>:<DB_password>@<DB_host>:<DB_port>/bevaddress?sslmode=disable the42/bevaddressapi


The fulltext search endpoint is exposed as a websocket and listens as following:

/ws/address/fts: A websocket endpoint for full text search.


  • q (required): url-encoded string for full text search.

All further parameters are optional:

  • autocomplete: when set to 0, queries have to match exactly, any other parameter value will result in a postfix wildcard match.
    Example: with autocomplete=0, the query 3500 Krems, Eisentürg will not return any results, whereas with autocomplete set to any other value but 0 (default), the query will match 3500 Krems, Eisentürgasse.
    Default: true


  • postcode: filter by zip-code (Postleitzahl). Partial match is supported by including the character %, eg. postcode=35% will match any zip code starting with 35..
  • citycode: filter by Gemeindekennzahl. Partial match is supported by including the character %.
  • province: filter by province (Bundesland). The coding is according to eg. Burgenland=1, Kärnten=2, ... .
  • lat, lon: filter by latitude and longitude using WGS84 coordinates. When used, both parameters have to be set.

Number of returned results:

  • n: return up to n results. A hard limit is implemented which prevents bulk downloads bringing down the server.
    Default: 25


API to the Austrian BEV Address data




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