Ruby script to find anyone's email from their name and possible domain using Rapportive's undocumented API
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NOTE: Rapportive recently changed their API which has broken the functionality of this script. If you already know where the bug is or have time to fix it, send a pull request.

This script has been made into a Ruby Gem PossibleEmail

Find Anyone's Email

Ruby script to find anyone's email using their first name, last name, and domain.

More information in my blog post at


Enter target's first name, last name, and possible domain into the terminal

ruby ./find_email.rb first_name last_name domain

Not sure about the domain? Use the --domains option

ruby ./find_email.rb first_name last_name --domains,,

Just want to Confirm a single email? Use the -e option

ruby ./find_email.rb -e



ruby ./find_email.rb kevin rose


Name: Kevin Rose
Position: General Partner
Company: Google Ventures
Position: Board Member
Company: Tony Hawk Foundation
Twitter -
Facebook -
Facebook -
LinkedIn - -
AngelList -
Delicious -
Digg -
Flickr -
Foursquare -
FriendFeed -
Google+ -
Google+ -
Google Profile -
Gowalla -
Quora -
Vimeo -
YouTube -


  • With great power, comes great responsibly
  • Wrapper around the undocument Rapportive API.
  • Valid results may be hidden due to API's limitations
  • The script will print other emails, even the ones you're not looking for.
  • Send Bitcoin 18fZ6muNmBrtENMZhnAjUw8eEsytmY8mZJ


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