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A Ruby Gem to find someone's possible email address using their first name, last name, and domain.

NOTE: Rapportive recently changed their API which has broken the functionality of this gem. If you already know where the bug is or have time to fix it, send a pull request.

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More information in my blog post at


Install the gem:

$ gem install possible_email

Basic Usage

Command Line Interface

Enter target's first name, last name, and possible domain name into the terminal using search

$ possible_email search first_name last_name domain

Not sure about the domain name? Just add multiple domains at the end

$ possible_email search first_name last_name

Just want to Confirm a single email address? Use find_profile

$ possible_email find_profile

Multiple email address? Same find_profile

$ possible_email find_profile


require 'possible_email'

profiles ='Kevin', 'Rose', '')
profiles #=> "#<PossibleEmail::Response>"
first_profile = profiles.first #=> 'Kevin Rose' #=> ''
first_profile.location #=> 'San Francisco Bay Area'



Available methods:

*search(first_name, last_name, domain)

Accepts three arguments first_name, last_name, and domain. PossibleEmail will use these three arguments to generate possible email addresses based on common email address patterns. PossibleEmail would then attempt to verify and return an email profile for each email address.

# Single domain name'bob', 'jones', '')

# Multiple domain names as Strings'bob', 'jones', '', '')

# Multiple domain names as an Array
domains = ['', '', '']'bob', 'jones', domains)


Accepts a list of email address string arguments or an array. Instead of generating email addresses based on name arguments, PossibleEmail would attempt to verify and return an email profile for each email addresses passed into the method.

# Comma-splitted email arguments
PossibleEmail.find_profile('', '')

# Array of emails
PossibleEmail.find_profile(['', ''])

Both methods return a PossibleEmail::Response object. PossibleEmail::Response includes the Enumerable module, so all the methods you need to iterate through the profiles are available. The only exception when neither the search or find_profile is when there is only one profile within the response. In this case, the method returns the single Profile.


Class for the associated data connnected with a specific email address.

Profile attribute list:

  • email - Returns the profile's email address
  • name - Full name
  • first_name - First name
  • last_name - Last name
  • friendly_name - First name or named used to address this person
  • location - Location
  • headline - Short blurb about person
  • success - Type of response returned back from Rapportive API
  • occupations - Array of Occupation objects
  • memberships - Array of social network Membership objects
  • images - Array of Image objects


Class for person's jobs.

Occupation attribute list:

  • job_title - Job title
  • company - Company


Class for Social Network Accounts

Membership attribute list:

  • profile_url - URL to person's website membership
  • profile_id - Website profile ID
  • username - Username
  • site_name - Name of the website membership


Class for images associated with email profile.

Image attribute list:

  • url - Image url
  • service - Where the image is located
  • url_proxied - Rapportive image proxied URL


  • With great power, comes great responsibly
  • Wrapper around the undocumented Rapportive API.
  • Valid results may be hidden due to API's limitations
  • Overuse may result in API throttling
  • Send Bitcoin 18fZ6muNmBrtENMZhnAjUw8eEsytmY8mZJ


  1. Fork it ( )
  2. Create your feature branch (git checkout -b my-new-feature)
  3. Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Add some feature')
  4. Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
  5. Create new Pull Request


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