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This release marks a migration to Git in name and in spirit, including both transitioning from Subversion on Sourceforge to Git on GitHub as well as better support for actually using Git with the editor such as refreshing source files when changing branches. The editor now also supports Java 9-10 and brings a number of bug fixes.


  • Migrated repositories to Git
  • Option to cap length of display tab name to pack more tabs into each row
  • Option to refresh files changed elsewhere without prompting
  • Build all dependencies within main build script
  • Fix file loading and undo on Java 9+
  • Fix preferences export
  • Fix file auto-refresh occasionally missing updates
  • Fix returning to cursor position after file refresh
  • Fix bookmark positions during undo/redo

Known issues:

  • Undo does not work when using the HTML-style syntax highlighter on Java 9+ because of a Java bug reportedly being fixed in Java 12. A workaround was introduced for the main syntax highlighter in Text Trix.
May 13, 2018
May 13, 2018
May 13, 2018