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fvwm-mode NEWS
* dev
** made highlighting of obsolete keywords configurable (see the
fvwm-handle-obsolete-keywords function)
** updated syntax table to correctly handle single quotes, underscores
and hyphens (Jim Diamond)
** added a lot of new font-lock keywords and moved obsolete ones
(Jim Diamond)
** highlight the application-name in Style definitions using the string
face so it looks similar to old-style double-quoted application-names.
** added autoloads for common naming schemes for Fvwm related files
(Jonathan Kotta)
** no longer using defvar for face definitions.
* 1.6.4 (9 Jan 2014)
** fixed fvwm-execute-region to not execute one line too much
** updated fvwm-execute-region to correctly handle statements
spread over multiple lines
** fixed fvwm-execute-region to correctly handle buffers with a blank
line at the start (Kevin Ryde)
** turned comment-start into a buffer local variable (Kevin Ryde)
** renamed fvwm-syntax-table to fvwm-mode-syntax-table so it's
automatically used by define-derived-mode (thanks to Kevin Ryde
for pointing this out)
** removed absolute default path to FvwmCommand (thanks to Kevin Ryde)
** removed incomplete indentation code
* 1.6.3 (19 Mar 2012)
** use define-derived-mode. This might break Xemacs compatibility.
* 1.6.2 (29 Oct 2010)
** added highlighting for menu icon definitions
** fixed an issue preventing fvwm-mode from loading in XEmacs
** cleaned up the keyword lists used for highlighting and completion
** added new keywords introduced in Fvwm 2.5.20 until 2.5.27 (keywords
obsoleted in 2.5.24 not removed yet)
* 1.6.1 (18 Aug 2007)
** added fvwm-execute-buffer (C-c e b)
* 1.6.0 (29 Dec 2006)
** fixed a font-lock issue with colours inside comments, thanks to
Rebecca on the Fvwm Forums for pointing this out.
** now using pcomplete for completion resulting in much faster
completion, especially on GNU Emacs < 22, XEmacs users however will
still need to deal with the older completion algorithm, which is
quite a bit slower than pcomplete (unless they somehow install
pcomplete of course)
** started off writing an indentation function, _very_ basic and buggy
atm (and turned off by default).
** improved 'self-documentedness' of this mode.
** added new keywords introduced in Fvwm 2.5.17
** now also hilights colour names from RGB.txt in Colorsets
** commented out some superfluous colour definitions
* 1.5.2
** implemented the timestamp function in a more intelligent way, it'll
now work each time you save a changed file, and not only when you
exit emacs with an unsaved file open.
** fixed the font lock to not hilight end of line comments as those
are not supported by Fvwm even though the effect makes it appear it
does in a lot of cases.
* 1.5.1
** fixed a typo in fvwm-script-insert-skeleton.
** added keywords
* 1.5.0 (15 Sep 2005)
** added menus for the most common tasks (which is all of them at the moment).
** added completion of fvwm keywords (M-Tab).
** fixed the colouring of start of line comments containg colour definitions.
** insert-last-modified-time now only gets executed when the buffer
has actually been changed.
** fixed fvwm-execute-region now also works in XEmacs.
** font-lock is now case insensitive by default, you can change this
behaviour by changing the value of the fvwm-keywords-ignore-case
** fixed the limited length of fvwm-execute-region
** added the possibility to insert the skeleton of an FvwmScript, you
can access it either from the menu or run it with
* 1.4.1
** fixed a bug in fvwm-script-insert-widget which caused the inserted
widget to always be numbered 1.
* 1.4.0
** added some typo fixes and keywords with different casing from Hun.
** added a function that inserts the time you last modified the file when you save it.
** fixed the fact that colour codes were no longer coloured, but seen as comments
** added hilighting of "menu shortcuts" (the &x things inside your
menus, if you use them of course)
** added functionality to execute Fvwm commands (C-c e c) or regions
from config files (C-c e r) from within emacs, you need to have the
FvwmCommand module running for this to work.
** added the option to execute files containing Fvwm commands through
the Fvwm 'Read' command (C-c e f)
** added a function to insert the skeleton of an FvwmScript widget
definition C-c i w), thanks to Hun for the idea.
* 1.3.0 (26 Jul 2005)
** added quite some keywords provided by Hun
** added hilighting of module configuration lines (eg: "*FvwmButtons: Rows 2")
** added a function to insert an FvwmButtons skeleton (C-c i b)
* 1.2.2
** fixed yet another bug with the syntax hilighting: forgot the t
argument to regexp-opt on a couple of occasions
** added the Test function to the appropriate list (fvwm-functions)
* 1.2.1
** fixed a bug where Emacs would colour keywords that were part of a normal string.
* 1.2.0
** fixed a color code colouring issue when a colour code appeared at the end of a line
** fixed the bug where comments wouldn't be coloured when there
appeared double quotes in the text to comment.
** made sure text between single quotes is also treated as text by fvwm-mode
* 1.1.0 (22 Jul 2005)
** fixed the syntax hilighting, it's now easier to add new keywords as
you don't have to rebuild the optimized regular expression
** added functions to insert skeletons for Fvwm menus (C-c i m) and
functions (C-c i f).
** added a workaround to keep everything working in emacsen < 22, as
there seems to be a limit on the size of the datat regexp-opt can
cope with.
** added a require font-lock as otherwise some faces might not be
defined on startup, causing an ugly crash on init.
* 1.0.0 (18 Jul 2005)
** initial release
** only does syntax hilighting