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scd commented May 24, 2012

I'm collecting all the ascent logging issues into one 'uber' issue because I am about to rework the ascent logging form and I want to make sure I am capturing all the related issues into one piece of work. Related issues:
#571 : multi-pitch
#6 : suggested difficulty
#557 : grade flexibility
#304 : grade complexity
#117 : micro blogging
#101 : first ascent

And from the email: add shots pulldown to expand shots on form.
And from my head: link in the person you were climbing with

This work involves:

  • new database fields (second ascent grade for complex grades (eg free + aid or UK systems), micro blogging text field)
  • converting to template (a la bulk edit) so Brendan can work on it as well some time in the future
  • javascript for shots expansion, multi-pitch expansion and selection of grades across different grading systems
  • form should work without javascript enabled, but maybe you will have to enter each shot separatly. ??? don't know about multipitch at this point

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scd commented May 30, 2012

I have created an ascent logging template (html/cids/forms/logascent) for logging ascents. It's now functional on dev so please review by adding an ascent like you would normally. The following are new features to look at:

  • field for indicating who you climbed it with
  • removed relative difficulty
  • you can update the grade to any of our standard grades
  • an alternate/second grade to specify free plus aid grades (or two uk grades)
  • 'add shot' javascript button which clones shot related fields for adding multiple shots (cool)
  • checkbox for pitch fields (pitch rows from number of pitches for route, two if not specified)
  • 'add pitch' javascript button which clones pitch fields
  • should behave sensibly if javascript is disabled - you should have the same logging capability

The pitch stuff is pretty cool. It allows you to do the following:

  • record who lead each pitch
  • record ascent of first pitch of a route only (note the ascent label is modified as 'Route Name P1').
  • record a linkup with another climb (note the ascent label is modified as 'Route Name Linkup Route).

We still have to work through the height stuff Campbell has raised.

I'm leaving micro blogging on ascents out for now, as this is really tied up with messaging an ascent. Micro blogging and ascent messaging should be considered together.

Brendan, can you look at the template and let me know what should be improved/changed for next release. Also in the feeds and various places around the site I have added the pitch information to the end of the ascent comment - could you do some nice css for this.

BTW, I still have to do the update ascent template.

Facebook logging to wall is temporarily disabled.


scd commented May 31, 2012

I think we should make the ascent date default to today's date.


scd commented Jun 1, 2012

I have made a few changes so ascent logging/updating is better integrated into the site and linked the template to the article - in repo. I think this is pretty close to being ready to go. Things to do:

  • Campbell could you redo your ascent how to videos - I have added a couple more use cases.
  • Lot's more testing
  • Facebook wall integration (I will do that after last so I don't have moving targets as I want it to be fairly stable before I do the facebook wall testing again).
  • Get Lee to review and comment.

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