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change the default context to french for Thailand #610

scd opened this Issue · 2 comments

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can thecrag gurus help change the YDS grades which have appeared on this page to FR grades please? the options to correct this via "update route" seem very weird and its turning into a dogs breakfast. All of the money maker routes should be grade 5, french, except for the 6a one already there. thanks. Why does thecrag think the defauilt grade for thailand should be YDS in the first place? surely it should default to french.


Also check that the grade band is updating properly. Some of the grade's colors are not updating when adding or deleting principle grades


fixed some confusing edge cases for updating registered grades through edit and bulk edit.

Also changed default context of Thailand to FR in dev. Will come through in next release as it is config info managed via dev.

@scd scd closed this
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