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Extension for Chrome and Firefox to enhance the UX/UI of
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Tildes Extended

What it is

An attempt at creating a basic browser extension cross-compatible with at least firefox and chrome, that extend tildes functionalities.

How to use it

There are two version officially supported:

I've positive report of it working on Firefox Mobile and various forks of Chromium that supports extension but I cannot guarantee support for them. However you're welcome to contribute you feel inclined to do so!

How to contribute

This requires NodeJS and npm.

Fork the project from the develop branch if you want to write a new feature.
Fork from master if you want to write an hotfix.

Remember to run npm install to install all dependencies.

Available npm commands are:

  • npm run lint to validate the code to be compatible with chrome and firefox
  • npm run serve to assemble on the fly a non-packaged source code for testing purpose
  • npm run serve:build to assemble on the fly a non-packaged source code, as it will be made in the packaged version (aka with uglify)
  • npm run build to create a distributable source ready to be packaged into an extension
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