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'Game' is the unofficial name of a game-finding project thought by a friend. The idea will allow users to state the games they own, that they'd like to play a game at a location and time, and then have others register to attend. Those who attend get counted as participating, those who do not are flakes.

This app will be mobile-targeted by default but should scale well to 'full' web use.

Process and documentation

Development of this app will be logged to, hopefully discussing not just the what but the why and how features exist and are achieved. By talking through the reasoning, expressing any uncertainty and ideas that come up, each feature addition should be logged.

I hope to keep cards/tasks and milestones in Huboard, but being the sole developer on this it's likely I'll quickly fall out of the habit.

Gem usage / ideas:

Next (functional) steps:

  • MANY GAMES (:name :art)
  • MANY EVENTS ((EVENT HAS MANY PLAYERS, AND BELONGS TO PLAYER) :name, :seats, :seats_available, :start_time, :address, :created_by(user), players[link to Players model??])
  • MANY PLAYERS (:event(id), :name(supplied by User.firstname), :approved(bool), :flakes(integer, if true, add 1 to User.flakes))
  • ADMIN column/flag on User profile, to show/give the ability to edit other users' records.
  • "We're playing X at Y on Z with N spots"

Next (design) steps:

  • Modify the User -> Show page (their profile) to closer match the mockup
  • Make sure all layouts/items are in the fluid grid and remain so
  • DEFINITELY: Add a navbar-fixed-bottom (and .btn-navbar?) for the three items (user profile (icon above firstname) / find a game / host a game)
  • EDIT PROFILE IN MENU/LINK (ADD A FOOTER NAV), change names, change password, etc.
  • Change the style to be less "obviously" Bootstrap: (go to iOS panel colors, dark nav colors, etc.)
  • Get/make a high-res homescreen icon @ 228px square. Then insert the following back into application.html.erb (be sure to clone and rename the file for each):
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