Python script to automatically download and load subtitles in VLC.
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##Automatic subtitle Loader for VLC

Imagine the time you spend and all the trouble you go through while downloading the appropriate subtitles for a movie or an episode of your favourite Television series. This python script will provide you a hassle free experience by downloading subtitles and loading them automatically in a VLC. Currently this script only works on Ubuntu. It is based on manojmj92's [subtitle downloader] (

##Windows support

Refer VLC_subDownloader for Windows support.


1. You must have a VLC Media Player installed on your machine.
2. Python >= 2.7.x

How to use?

1. Download and unzip this repository or clone it into your local machine.
2. Run `python` and you are done.
3. Now watch any movie or episode without explicitly downloading subtitles.

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