Let's Learn C++ by building an old-school text adventure game!
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Mazes of Erebor


Let's learn C++.

We will build an old-school text-only adventure game. A maze-solving game. It will be built using ncurses and I won't bother trying to support Windows.

Each branch of this repository has an increasingly fun game. And we will have to learn more about C++ to create each game.

The Game - This Branch

Navigate the great catacomb mazes under the Dwarf kingdom of Erebor. Each time you solve one maze, you can read the (procedurally generated) engravings of Dwarven history above the stairwell that leads down to the next maze. As a Dwarf, you will learn much about from these engravings; including why you are delving into these tombs.

Each maze is unique and created just for you.

  1. Select your game difficulty.
  2. Story Intro
  3. Use arrow keys to navigate the maze.
  4. At the end of each maze will be a stairwell down, engraved with the history of Tolkien's Dwarves. Try to gather hints about the goal of the game.
  5. Type 'q' to quit, or reach the bottom of the mountain and win the game.