Node.js/Mongo API for caching online social activity
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Node.js/Mongo app for storing and serving social media activity

The purpose of this app is to create a single social timeline of multiple networks and accounts. It stores social activity from a list of users in a database and provides an API. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are currently supported.


  1. Alter the private.js file (example included) with the necessary information:
    • your social media API keys
    • identifiers for the social media accounts:
  2. Set up a cronjob to run the function at an interval to keep the data current (look at scraper/cron_jobs.txt for an example)
  3. Launch the API server (recent posts can be accessed via "/api/v.2/posts/collection_name")


Be sure to run npm install to download the necessary dependencies.


The Social Mechanism does not currently have support for deleting social media posts. Once pulled into the database, a deleted post will lead to bad links and missing images.


  • Admin backend: Adding an admin back end would be a nice addition. Such a portal would allow admins to manage promoted or existing content
  • Better handling for deleted posts
  • Extend the API with more GET request options