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Welcome to the World Game, scaling the hackerspaces and making a creative economy.  Pangaia comes from Buckminster Fuller's idea of a Game society plays to mend the world and James Lovelock's theory of Earth as a self-organizing system (Gaia Hypothesis).  It will create something akin to Minsky's Society of Mind.

We're here quietly developing the world's next great economic and information revolution...

* Utilizing the power and wisdom of *the crowd* (given the right tools and incentives), we are
* creating a distributed *peer-to-peer* platform for trading creative value (a new economic system),
* while allocating decision-making authority fairly and efficiently (a new form of *self-organizing governance*)
* using a stellar theoretical *3d model* for organizing people and projects (which we claim is provably optimal)
* in a way that inspires even *greater* participation (a la Reed's Law).

...ultimately to create a beautiful world.  If you're looking to start now, start with the working paper version (here or wiki.hackerspaces.org/PangaiaWorldGame) and check out the Justice League here on github.  The former is fully operational and will demonstraate the principles of "self-organization".  It is a LARP (a live-action role-playing game) that creates it`s own currency as you go, rewarding you for generating community value.  The latter will organize YOU.  EVERYONE WINS!

Check the wiki for the Business Plan that only takes an empty space and a corkboard to make things HAPPEN!  Or, if you're looking for the GlassBeadGame go to sourceforge.net.