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Welcome to the Pangaia World Game, scaling the hackerspaces and making Web.∞.  Named after Buckminster Fuller's idea of a Game society plays to fix the world and James Lovelock's theory of Earth as a self-organizing system (Gaia Hypothesis).

We're here quietly developing the world's next great economic and information revolution...

* Utilizing the power and wisdom of *the crowd* (given the right tools and incentives), we are
* creating a distributed *peer-to-peer* platform for trading creative value (a new economic system),
* while allocating decision-making authority fairly and efficiently (a new form of *self-organizing governance*)
* using a stellar theoretical *3d model* for organizing people and projects (which we claim is provably optimal)
* in a way that inspires even *greater* participation (a la Reed's Law).

...ultimately to create a beautiful world. We got the c0d3z!  If you're looking to start now, get the working paper version from wiki.hackerspaces.org/PangaiaWorldGame

Check the Pangaia wiki for more, or if you're looking for the GlassBeadGame go to sourceforge.net,

...so transparent as to be invisible