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Internet II: A unified data eco-system to re-organize the Internet and make the Creative Economy. This project is 90% of the way to a working prototype. For the curious, there is a simple demo that provides a (small) sense of the (large) possibilities waiting for the 3-d Web. [GNU GPL3]

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Hello!  This is a software project to create Internet II:  a unified
content-addressed network to replace the legacy DNS-addressed network. It 
will address all the issues of PIPA/SOPA along with the spiritual and 
economic woes of the Intellectual and Creative Classes. Currently in 
pre-alpha and awaiting more code, but a simple concept demo of a 3-d web 
is available. See the wiki for more specs and throw out the old, balkanized

Its aim is high: to implement Hermann Hesse's "Glass Bead Game" and usher
in a new age of wise governance through the use of a reputation model and
a maximally collaborative (P2P) "Society of Mind"* that will organize all 
content.   As a self-organizing system, it will create a beautiful economy of 
knowledge and value, giving fair-credit to each contributor, solving once and 
for all the issues of democracy and global economics.  It will be AWESOME!

Believe it or not, although there's only half-dozen files, the pangaia 
project represents a capstone to a large body of effort.  It's nearly 
90% there to a working prototype (50% if I can't get the physics right).  
Now we just need to set the relationships from the data network to their 
visual representations and map the mouse events.  (See source files for 
TODO lists.)

The basic demo(.py) is easy to zoom around in and get a sense of the 3-d 
environment.  See the INSTALL file to get it up and running!  

And see the working paper at <> for how it all fits it 
into a comprehensive plan to fix the toughest problems in the world.  

Your ideas and contributions are encouraged and most welcome!  Thanks for 
your interest.  

Please check the wiki for documentation.

This Software is licensed under the GNU GPL3.  If you extend the code,
please post commits back to the source (


Mark Janssen

* Nods to Marvin Minsky (MIT) who wrote the book "Society of Mind".
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