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What Is Recipe Buddy?

Introducing Gusteau, your personal recipe buddy! Baking and cooking will never be the same again! Gusteau is a voice-activated assistant that searches up recipes of your choosing, sorted based on time taken to make. Upon selecting a desired recipe, Gusteau will check if you already have the ingredients in your Loblaw's Click & Collect cart. If not, he searches the store for the highest recommended of the corresponding item and adds it to your cart. Simple as pie! Now, get cooking!

How Was It Done?

Recipe Buddy was done using:

  • Node.js/Google Cloud Functions for the server
  • DialogFlow for the conversation management
  • Google Assistant as the platform
  • Yummly API for getting recipes and parsing ingredients
  • Loblaw's Click & Collect API to get access to the user's cart

Future Plans

  1. Implement checkout straight from app
  2. Allow sort options
  3. Display amount of each item needed
  4. Get recipe from