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MayBot Search

Ever been to a hackathon alone and had trouble finding a team? Were you part of a team where a teammate bailed on you at the last minute? Fret not, MayBot has you covered! MayBot is a chat bot created at Fraser Hacks using Python and the Kik API. It was inspired by our teammate June who could not attend the hackathon at the last minute, so we created a chat bot on Kik that helps to connect teams and potential members! Users who are looking for a team can choose which roles they are willing to fill, and teams looking for members can post positions that they are looking to fill. MayBot then acts as Cupid and matches them based on quality of match!

Our Solution to The Problem with Hackathons

We have noticed a huge problem persistent in every hackathon, which is team formations. Generally, those who do not have teams going into a hackathon use the hackathon's Facebook event or its slack chat to find teams. However, this is not efficient as it takes time and effort to scroll through the hundreds of lonely hackers and decide which one of them is the best fit. We believe that MayBot has great potential to solve this problem and we can see huge demand for this. We've gotten a lot of positive feedback regarding our idea from peers and industry leaders alike! We can't wait to continue working on this project and connecting hackers across the world!

How It Works

  1. Get Maybot by scanning this Kik Code!

    Kik Code

  2. Are you searching for a team or a team member?

  3. Choose between Quick Search or Detailed Search.

    • Quick Search automatically pairs you with the best match

    • Detailed Search allows you to choose from a list of matches

  4. Choose the roles that you are looking to fill.

  5. Choose more roles if you're looking to fill multiple positions.

  6. Once you've been matched, you have the option to contact or reject them!

  7. Enjoy creating the dankest hackathon project!