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Machine Learning research with PyTorch
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Implementations of various NNs in pytorch

# simple models
from torchzoo import FeedForward, COOL

# recurrent models
from torchzoo import RWA

Benchmarks / Reproduction studies are held in TorchCircus.

How to use Zoo/Circus

  1. Finding a paper
    • all book keeping is done in the github Issues.
    • Since most papers end up on arxiv, search for an arxiv ID like 1805.10369
    • If the paper is not on Arxiv, search for the full title of the paper.
  2. The issue labels provide a mechanism to find specific things.
  3. If a paper passes it's reproduction in the Circus, the underlying CORE parts are put into the master branch.
  4. If a paper has failed in it's reproduction, the core parts are sent to the fertilizer branch.
  5. If something is still not covered, please open an issue.

I'll try to look into things whenever I have time.

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