Bundles Google Caja's HTML Sanitizer within a npm installable node.js module
Latest commit 3a70174 Dec 15, 2015 @theSmaw theSmaw 0.1.3



npm install sanitizer


var sanitizer = require('sanitizer');


See /test/test-sanitzer.js for full documentation.

sanitizer.escape('your dirty string'); // Escapes HTML special characters in attribute values as HTML entities
var yourParser = sanitizer.makeSaxParser(yourHandler); // Given a SAX-like event handler, produce a function that feeds those events and a parameter to the event handler.
sanitizer.normalizeRCData('your dirty string'); // Escape entities in RCDATA that can be escaped without changing the meaning.
sanitizer.sanitize('your dirty string'); // Strips unsafe tags and attributes from html.
exports.unescapeEntities('your string'); // The plain text of a chunk of HTML CDATA which possibly containing.


It's use this at your own risk really - Caja HTML Sanitizer was written by people far cleverer than me. I have just repackaged it to solve a problem I had (sanitization on a Node server). It seems to work, and it passes all its tests in re-packaged form - however I don't fully understand its internals so cannot guarantee its security.

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