Usin Json as the model describing language for tiny_cnn
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Neural Network Model Archiver

We want to run a Neural Network (NN) on a slim device such as Raspberry Pi. However training the NN on a slim device will be slow. We want to train the NN on a larger machine like a desktop and then transmit the model to a slim device.

We describe the model using JSON. This description is used by the trainer to create a NN which can then be trained using training and test samples. We may want to try try different models to decide on the most appropriate one and then transmit the model to the slim device. The learnt machine is sent as a simple text file.

Libraries Used

The first task is to read a JSON file that generates code code equivalent to the following C++ code

nn << convolutional_layer<tan_h>(32, 32, 5, 1, 6) // 32x32 in, 5x5 kernel, 1-6 fmaps conv
   << average_pooling_layer<tan_h>(28, 28, 6, 2) // 28x28 in, 6 fmaps, 2x2 subsampling
   << convolutional_layer<tan_h>(14, 14, 5, 6, 16,
                                 connection_table(connection, 6, 16)) // with connection-table
   << average_pooling_layer<tan_h>(10, 10, 16, 2)
   << convolutional_layer<tan_h>(5, 5, 5, 16, 120)
   << fully_connected_layer<tan_h>(120, 10);

where connection is a one dimensional array of size 6*16.

How to Build
Build Jsoncpp library. tiny_cnn is a header only library. Then compile the files in the src folder. The data folder contains both the mnist data files and the NN descriptor in JSON.