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#thethings.iO Node.js MQTT examples This package contains some examples that show how to interact with thethings.iO MQTT broker.


npm install thethingsio-mqtt

##thethings.iO MQTT broker


This code activates a thing and subscribes to its topic. Then you can write in the console the key-value pairs and observe the real-time data at the panel

You can also combine the protocols and write with HTTP/S or CoAP while you read the data with MQTT.

###secure-client.js This example shows how to connect to the thethings.iO with SSL encryption. You need a thingToken from a previously activated thing, the complete-client.js example shows to you how to activate a thing with MQTT.

We also provide to you the necesary chain of certificates to trust our domain.


Last will is a MQTT feature to tell the broker to send a message when the device abruptly disconnects. This example shows you how to configure the broker to send a message when the device goes down.