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aha - Ansi HTML Adapter

Converts ANSI escape sequences of a unix terminal to HTML code.

aha screenshot


  • aha --help | aha --black --title "the awesome aha help"> aha-help.htm
    • Creates an HTML file of the help of aha with black background
  • colordiff oldfile.c newfile.c | aha > colordiff.htm
    • Creates an HTML file with a colorful diff-output of two files "oldfile.c" and "newfile.c" with white background
  • ls --color=always | aha --pink > ls.htm
  • Creates an HTML file with a colorful ls-output with pink background.
  • echo q | htop | aha --black --line-fix > htop.htm
    • Creates an HTML file with the output of htop. You have to use --line-fix due the other new-line-commands htop uses.
  • MAN_KEEP_FORMATTING=1 COLUMNS=80 man aha | ul | aha > man-aha.htm
    • Creates an HTML file with the man page of aha. Man uses nroff's bold and underline, which ul converts to SGR.

Compilation / Installation

Installation Options

OSX - Homebrew

  • brew install aha


  • conda install -n YOURENV -c conda-forge aha (and if you wish to make conda 10x faster, use mamba).

Build From Source

Aha has no dependencies except for a C compiler and make.

Clone this repo git clone Move into the repo directory cd aha. To compile just type make. To install aha to /usr/local/ type make install. You can change the installation directory with make install PREFIX=/your/path. You can override the man directory with make install MANDIR=/your/path/man


All files are subjects to the LGPL2+ or the MPL1.1 (Dual licensed).