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1. About his game
2. How to play?
3. Compo4all
4. Custom music
5. How to contact?

|1. About the game|

This game was made for the RIOT digital contest - a multi platform
game developing contest for different handhelds like the Openpandora,
Dingoo, Caanoo or Wiz.

It is written by Ziz and licenced under the GPL and MPL. You can get
the sourcode here:

At the moment it is avaible for GP2X, Wiz, Dingux, Caanoo, Openpandora
and the GCW. Furthermore Linux and Windows PC.

|2. How to play?|

This a a puzzle game like many others but this time on a tube. There are
3 game modes explained at beginning. In every mode you have to crush
stones. To crush a stone you have to move at least 4 stones of the same
color to a 2x2 square. This square, every attached stone of the same
color and stones on the other side of the tube with the same color will
explode and you get points. If there is a stone of the same color on the
other side the stone wobbles. If you got a chain reaction you get more
points. How much points you get (and why) is shown on the left side of
the screen.

To get the 2x2 squares you have to change stones. You always switch two
stones around a third one "in the middle". There are 3 modes to switch
two stones, configurable in the settings. In the normal mode you just
press the shown buttons to switch the stones under the buttons.
E.g. on the GP2X A and X switches the stone left of your cursor with the
stone above your cursor.
In the second mode named "Snake" you move with 3 Cursors like a Snake
and the Tail and the Head switch if you press A, B, X or D.
The last and newest mode named "D-Pad" (or similar) is a bit
experimental, but much people seem to like it. You have to press A, B,
C or D, hold it down (!) and with the D-Pad choice a stone to switch.

|3. Compo4all|

Puzzletube is compatibly to compo4all. That means, if puzzletube finds a
c4a-prof file, which is created by compo4all manager or Mini-C4A, it commits
scores to an online highscore system (called "Compo4all").

|4. Custom Music|

If you don't like the ingame music of puzzletube, you can mute it and use a
player of your choice in background or just fill the music folder (if it not
exist, create it) with your custom music, which will played ingame instead.

|5. How to contact?|

E-Mail: (fuck you google mail!)
If you are English speaking feel free to write about Puzzletube in one
of these boards:
If you are German speaking this board could be interesting for you, too:


A puzzle game - on a tube






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