An appscript to sync Redmine and Things
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things-redmine is a ruby script to attempt to sync Redmine with the desktop todo list manager.


  • Clone the repo
  • Edit the api.rb and replace with your credentials. This will be yaml-ized soon.
  • Turn on API access in Redmine under Administration → Settings → Authentication → Enable REST web service
  • Back up your Things DB
    cp ~/Library/Application Support/Cultured Code/Things/database.xml ~/Library/Application Support/Cultured Code/Things/database-backup.xml
  • Then run:
     ruby init.rb

Required Gems

  • active_resource
  • appscript

Current State and Gotchas

Right now it’s very basic. This is just the beginning. This is by no means a complete project yet. I just got tired of waiting. The things todo class does not allow you to set the ID of the todo, so to ensure no duplicates are created the applescript uses a tag on the todo element based on the ID from redmine.

Please fork!

This would be a very cool tool to have. ( is the best ToDo list out there and having a real solution would be wonderful!