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JsVNC was a project that was developed during the LinkedIn intern hack day, by Brian Geffon, Avik Das, Fabio Angius, and Ferris Jumah. The project turned out much better than we could have possibly expected over a period of 24 hours, keep in mind that this code is a hack and while it is reasonably stable it is incomplete in several areas. To get it working clone JsTCP and then clone JSVNC copy the JsTCP folder into the JSVNC folder (remember hack :D), and then you might have to install and base64 modules (npm install base64). Feedback is welcomed!

JsVNC implements a subset of the RFB (Remote Frame Buffer) 3.3 protocol. We have full support for VNC Authentication, RAW FrameUpdates, and CopyRect FrameUpdates, KeyPress from client, and arbitrarily sized frame buffer update responses.

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