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Eydis Gapi: Google APIs & Sign-in for Angular

This component provides two separate pieces of functionality:

  • Loading of the Google API client for JavaScript (gapi).
  • Google sign-in and authenication.


Install by downloading or via bower:

bower install --save eydis-gapi

Include the javascript files:

<script src="bower_components/eydis-gapi/eydis-gapi-signin.js"></script>
<script src="bower_components/eydis-gapi/eydis-gapi.js"></script>


Before you can use you must use the $gapiProvider to configure your oauth settings. Usually this is done in your main app module.

angular.module('EydisApp', ['eydis.gapi'],])
  // Web Client ID from the developer console.
  $gapiProvider.client_id = '';

  // If you need more than just the user's basic info, add additional scope, otherwise you can leave this out.
  $gapiProvider.scopes = [

  // If you're loading custom Google Cloud Endpoints APIs, you'll need to use this.
  $gapiProvider.api_base = '';

Gapi Loader

To enable the gapi loader add the following to your html:

<!-- Google API Loader -->
<script src=""></script>

Be sure to put this after you include eydis-gapi.js

Gapi will be loaded automatically. To listen to the "finished loading" event and load additional APIs use:

controller('Example', function($scope, $gapi){
    $gapi.load('maps', 'v3').then(function(){

To load a cloud endpoints API, be sure to configure the api_base in the provider. After that, it's just a matter of passing in another parameter to load. You can also skip the configuration and pass the full base instead of true.

$gapi.load('ferris', 'v1', true).then(function(){

Promise Wrapping

The clients exposed at $gapi.client are modified to return promises. Instead of doing:

${ ... });

Use promises:

${ ... });

This means you don't need to do $scope.$apply in every callback.


There's a built-in sign in button directive that can handle everything for you. Add the eydis.gapi.signin to your application and you can use it via:

<gapi-sign-in ready="ready"></gapi-sign-in>

<!-- hide the app until the user is signed in -->
<div ng-view ng-show="ready">

This expects bootstrap and font-awesome to be around and that an image at /images/loading.gif exists. Though of course you can style it yourself.

You can also trigger authentication yourself. See the source to the sign-in directive for information on doing this yourself.

Listening for successful sign-in

For authenticated APIs, you likely want to wait until the user has been authenticated before making any calls. You can do this using the authed promise:


Often, it's a good practice to use the authed promise instead of the loaded promise to actually load external APIs. This ensures no calls are made before the user can sign-in.

License & Contributions

This is open-source under the Apache License, version 2. See license.txt for more info.

Contributions in the form of documentation, bug reports, patches, etc. are warmly welcomed.