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Ferris 3 Example

A complete project using Ferris 3 on Google App Engine.

This project consists of a two pieces:

  1. The backend powered by Ferris 3 and Google Cloud Endpoints.
  2. The frontend written in HTML and JS using the Google Javascript Client Library.

Getting started

  1. Clone this repository:

    git clone https://github.com/jonparrott/Ferris-3-Example.git
    cd Ferris-3-Example
  2. Install dependencies for the backend using pip:

    cd backend
    pip install --pre -t lib -r requirements.txt

Running locally

  1. Run the backend locally from the command line. You will need the App Engine Python SDK:

    dev_appserver.py backend
  2. If you want, visit the backend's API explorer http://localhost:8080/_ah/api/explorer

  3. Run the frontend on a different port with a different storage path.

    dev_appserver.py --port 8081 --admin_port 8001 --storage_path /tmp/frontend frontend
  4. Visit the frontend at http://localhost:8081.