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Ferris 3

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Ferris 3 is a collection of flexible utilities for Google App Engine Python.

Ferris 3 makes using App Engine services easier regardless of which web framework you're using. It provides tools for ndb, memcache, search, oauth2, google APIs, and more.

If you plan on using Google Cloud Endpoints, Ferris provides excellent standalone tooling around Cloud Endpoints that can make defining and managing your services much easier.


There are lots of tools for caching, such as the @cache decorator:

@ferris3.caching.cache('guestbook-posts', ttl=30)
def get_greetings():
    return GuestbookPost.query().order(-GuestbookPost.created).fetch(20)

def guestbook_list():
    greetings = get_greetings()
    return render_template("guestbook.html", greetings=greetings)

Read more about Ferris & Caching

Using Cloud Endpoints has never been easier:

from protorpc import messages
from ferris3 import auto_service, auto_method, Service

class BasicMessage(messages.Message):
    content = messages.StringField(1)

class BasicService(Service):

    def get(self, request, name=(str,)):
        return BasicMessage(content="Hello, %s!" % name)

Read more about Ferris & Endpoints

Getting Started & Installation

If you're using Ferris within an existing project or starting a new project with a framework other than webapp2:

  • Install Ferris via pip: pip install --pre --target=lib ferris
  • Make sure you have vendoring setup in your project. If you don't, you can use darth.
  • That's all. If you run into issues or want to see more you can checkout the Ferris 3 & Flask example.

If you're starting from scratch and you're using webapp2 or just using Cloud Endpoints:


The documentation is generated with sphinx and is available on the ferris framework website.

Contribution & Feedback

Ferris 3 is still in the early stages and we would love to hear any feedback you have.

  • Use the mailing list for questions, comments, and general feedback.
  • Use github issues to submit bugs and feature requests.
  • Submit pull requests to help out directly.


Apache Version 2.0, see license in the source directory for more details.