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Contributing to Nox

Thank you for your interest in improving Nox. Nox is open-source under the Apache License Version 2.0 and welcomes contributions.

Support, questions, and feature requests

Feel free to file a bug on github.

Reporting issues

File a bug on github. To help us figure out what's going on, please err on the side of including lots of information, such as:

  • Operating system.
  • Python version.
  • If possible, a minimal case that can reproduce the issue.

Pull requests

  • It's recommended to file a bug before starting work on anything. It'll allow chance to talk it over with the owners and validate your approach.
  • Nox maintains 100% test coverage. All pull requests must maintain this.
  • Follow pep8.
  • Update documentation, if relevant.

Running tests

Nox runs its own tests (it's recursive!). The best thing to do is start with a known-good nox installation, e.g. from PyPI:

pip install --pre --upgrade nox

To just check for lint errors, run:

nox --session lint

To run against a particular Python version:

nox --session tests-3.5
nox --session tests-3.6
nox --session tests-3.7

When you send a pull request Travis will handle running everything, but it is recommended to test as much as possible locally before pushing.

Getting a sticker

If you've contributed to Nox, you can get a cute little Nox sticker. Reach out to Thea at to request one.