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Poker engine for Heads-up Omaha at

This version of our Poker engine has been set up for local use, for your own convenience. Notice that this engine is not only for Heads-up Omaha and can play other versions of poker as well. We will probably host other poker competitions in the future.

To compile (Windows cmd):

cd [project folder]
dir /b /s *.java>sources.txt
md classes
javac -d classes @sources.txt
del sources.txt

To compile (Linux):

cd [project folder]
mkdir bin/
javac -sourcepath src/ -d bin/ `find src/ -name '*.java' -regex '^[./A-Za-z0-9]*$'`

To run:

java nl.starapple.backend.RunPoker 2000 [your bot1] [your bot2] 2>err.txt 1>out.txt

[your bot1] could be any command for running a bot process. For instance "java main.BotStarter" or "node /home/user/bot/Bot.js"

2000 is the starting stack for both bots.

Errors will be logged to err.txt, output dump will be logged to out.txt.