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order yours now The AirBoard pinout


The AirBoard is a wireless, modular and ultra low-power Arduino prototyping platform for the Internet of Things, designed to explore, hack and deploy your killer idea in the field.

Note: The AirBoard is CE certified and comes with a UL1642, CB/IEC62133, UN38.3 fully certified built-in battery.

Note: The AirBoard has been designed to be wirelessly reprogrammable. The microUSB connector is used for battery charging only. To upload a new program, you will need additional wireless shields such as XBee or BLE and their associated USB dongle, or an external serial connection over FTDI.


Go wireless
Explore the hotest wireless technologies today: with its popular Bee form factor, the AirBoard features a socket for XBee, Bluetooth, BLE and WiFi wireless shields, as well as the recent GSM/GPRS, SIGFOX and LoRa WAN long range IoT modules. Simply swap the radio for instant communication and WPAN Over-The-Air Programming.

Iterate quickly
The AirBoard was designed with productivity in mind. Design and iterate quickly with the built-in open solderless breadboard. Only Arduino’s most popular I/Os are exposed, in order to lower the cognitive barrier and encourage the highest experiment turnover. Snap in hundreds of sensors and experiment a whole library of interactions in just seconds.

Deploy your device in the field
Beyond the Internet of Things, ubiquitous devices require efficient Power and Data Management strategies to become truly autonomous.

Ultra Power Efficient
Forget about your sensors with the built-in battery and Power Management System. The AirBoard is designed for ultra low-power applications, yet capable to drive long range wireless shields. It offers an ultra-low power sleep mode with switchable radio for most efficient communication strategy.

Your first sketch in seconds
Start programming straight from the box with this superb web IDE by codebender. All required libraries and quick start source codes have been installed already. And with the pre-loaded Arduino Fio bootloader, you can also use the Arduino IDE. So why don’t you wait and start sketching now!

Make your own App
It’s no longer needed to be an expert in programming to build pretty AND functional Graphical User Interfaces. Have fun interacting with your tangible hardware right away! Just drag and drop a whole library of widgets to build your own mobile app. remotexy and Blynk work seamlessly with the AirBoard and are great examples of bringing rapid prototyping to everyone.


Size and Weight

Weight, including battery: 10g

Native Arduino Processor

Arduino compatible
ATmega328P processor @ 8MHz
Pre-loaded Arduino Fio bootloader
Arduino IDE support
codebender web IDE support

Open solderless breadboard and socket headers

7x GPIO, I2C, SPI, 2x 10-bit ADC, 3x PWM
5VUSB/500mA, 3.3V/200mA power outputs
Up to 18x GPIOs, 6x 10-bit analog inputs or 6x PWMs

Bright RGB LED

RGB LED, up to 2240mcd, 120° viewing angle


« Bee » socket form factor
Wireless support: XBee, Bluetooth 2.1,  Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0, WiFi,GSM/GPRS, SIGFOX, LoRa WAN
2-channel Over-The-Air Programming (OTAP)
5-second programming via XBee, Bluetooth, WiFi

Ultra Low Power Management System

155mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery
1A switchable RF LDO
330nA system deep sleep
Autonomy in sleep mode: 2-3 years
Autonomy in communication: 6 months (XBee 1 data/minute)

Built-in battery charger

1-cell Li-ion USB charger
Battery Over Current, Charge & Discharge protect
Battery level indicator, charge status, USB voltage monitor
Charge time: 1.5 hours


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