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Configuration files to add data to Nephos
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The repository contains configuration files for Nephos.

You can add channels, jobs and share entities using these files. The effect of the change may take upto 10 minutes to reflect.

Adding a channel

To add a channel, edit the add_data.yaml file, under the channels section, in the below format.

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    name: "[Name of the channel]"  # name, mandatory, WITHIN QUOTES
    ip: "[IP]"  # address eg. "", mandatory, WITHIN QUOTES
    country_code: "[COUNTRY CODES]"  # country code. eg "IND", optional, multiple entries separated by single whitespace
    lang: "spa"  # language codes eg. [ENG RUS], optional, multiple entries separated by whitespace.
    timezone: "spa"  # timezone, mandatory

Adding a job

To add a job, edit the add_job.yaml file in the below format.

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    name: "[Job Name]" # name, mandatory, WITHIN QUOTES
    channel_name: "[Channel Name]" # channel (must be already added to nephos)
    start_time: "04:10"  # "HH:MM" eg. "15:45", WITHIN QUOTES
    duration: 135 # in minutes
    repetition: "1111111"  # eg. "1000000" for every monday, WITHIN QUOTES

Adding a sharing entity

To add a share entity, edit the add_data.yaml file, under the sharing_entity section, in the below format.

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    email: "[EMail Addresses]"  # email address of the entities inside quotes, mandatory, multiple values separated by space
    tags: "[TAGS]"  # add tags inside quotes, separating multiple by space. Any tags can be used, channel name (
                         # replace whitespace in channel name by '_'), languages, timezone etc.


All changes take time to effect the running Nephos and there is no need to restart the module.

In case the updation fails, admin (and all email address enlisted in Nephos notification file) will be notified through mail stating if the updation was successful or failure given there was any change in the file.

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