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logging library for d programming language
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Logging library for D. Extandable and configurable. Supports multiple sinks.

Dependency solving and linking to project

Currently not uploaded to public dub registry (, so some workaround is needed.

Use dub add-local possibility.

git checkout
cd logging
dub add-local .

Should add local reference to logging under ~master branch (may use tags or something else)

In dependant project simply add in dub.json under dependencies section

    "logging" : "~master"

Example usage:

import logging;

log.add_sink(new ConsoleLogSink);
log.add_sink(new FileLogSink("/dev/null"));
log.add_sink(new SysLogSink(""));

log.error("this msg #%s: %s", 1, "error");
log.warn("this msg #%s: %s", 2, "warn");"this msg #%s: %s", 3, "info");
log.debg("this msg #%s: %s", 4, "debg");
log.trace("this msg #%s: %s", 5, "trace");
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