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A collection of useful functions for iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS apps

I am releasing the source code to ASEnterprise, an Objective C Apple framework I have been developing since 2013. It was used in several commercial apps, and while not very valuable now, I hope the code and project serves as a useful reference on Objective C code suitable for multi-platform frameworks, importation within Swift, as well as how to build and distribute via Swift Packages and via CocoaPods.

The future

While the 1.x versions of this framework are essentially being sunset (as Objective C is not as important anymore), there is the potential for this code to be refactored into a v2.x for the purposes of creating shared code for a Swift Framework and Xamarin Binding Library.


This project includes both a Swift Package and an Xcode project, which also has a build target that can properly build .framework files on all Apple platforms.

For Swift Package Manager

So far, this distributes via normal SPM mechanisms, and does not require any custom setup to use. Though please ignore the 'frameworks' and 'libraries' folders, as those are for CocoaPods distribution.

For CocoaPods

This is a public framework containing various useful functions for iOS and OSX apps. To use, you must first install CocoaPods.

$ sudo gem install cocoapods

Go into the directory with your Xcode Project and generate a Podfile

$ pod init

Then add this to the top of your Podfile

source ''

An example use inside your Podfile:

pod 'ASEnterpriseFramework', '1.0.0'

Unlikely, but if the podspec cannot be found, set up a private repository (more information)

$ pod repo add bitbucket-theappstudiollc-podspecs