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Bower Grails Asset pipeline

The bower-grails-asset-pipeline plugin allow you load javascript libraries directly from bower. You required to install asset-pipeline plugin.

For more information on how to use asset-pipeline, visit repo. You can search libraries in bower repository bower.


Add this plugin to BuildConfig.groovy:

compile ":asset-pipeline:2.13.1"
compile ":bower-asset-pipeline:0.4"

In any javascript asset you can specify library with version or latest available from repo. Just add bower.js and it will be looked-up in bower repository:

//= require jquery
//= require datatables.bower.js
//= require underscore-1.8.3.bower.js

Same for CSS

*= require datatables.bower.css

If bower repository contains not only js and css you want to inline, but additional files like png, you have to create anyname.bower file in grails/assets folder:

# Specify library or library-version

NOTE: If you do not specify version, it will download latest version every day. Version should be exactly the same as in git-repo tag. NOTE: In case of multiple js files, css'es and other assets only first js will be inlined



Now you can inject js, css files and additional resources


Support complex packages, allows only one js though


First public release, allow download single js library


Initial release