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Generate dash compatible docsets from JSDoc comments
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Generate docsets compatible with the dash / velocity / zeal apps from your JSDoc comments

A JSDoc template to generate a dash-compatible docSet

The docSet can be used with Dash. It should also work with Velocity and Zeal applications.

It is based on JSDoc default template.


  1. Install jsdoc (version 3.4.0 or higher). Here's how to install it globally: npm install jsdoc -g

  2. Install jsdoc-dash-template

npm install jsdoc-dash-template --save-dev
  1. Run jsdoc from the command line
jsdoc -d path/to/output/folder -p -t node_modules/jsdoc-dash-template -r path/to/src/folder

If you want even more control over the final result, you can use a jsdoc configuration file to set the following options:

  • the name of the docset (by default, it will be the basename of the destination folder)
  • a path to custom icon (.png file, 32x32)
  • enable JavaScript (used for example to prettify the source files)
  "docset" : {
    "name": "MyLibraryDocSet",
    "icon": "path/to/my/custom/icon.png",
    "enableJavascript": true

You will need to point at this configuration file when running the command

jsdoc -c jsdoc.conf.json -d path/to/output/folder -p -t node_modules/jsdoc-dash-template -r path/to/src/folder

As a reminder, this configuration file can take many other options. For further information, refer to the jsdoc website.

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