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Motion Design, for the web

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Update: We're hiring – join the core team!

Theatre.js is an animation library for high-fidelity motion graphics. It is designed to help you express detailed animation, enabling you to create intricate movement, and convey nuance.

Theatre.js can be used both programmatically and visually.

You can use Theatre.js to:

  • Animate 3D objects made with THREE.js or other 3D libraries


    Art by

  • Animate HTML/SVG via React or other libraries


  • Design micro-interactions


  • Choreograph generative interactive art


  • Or animate any other JS variable


Documentation and Tutorials

The docs are at

Community and support

Join our friendly community on Discord, follow the updates on twitter or write us an email.

Development and contributing

If you want to change the source of Theatre, have a look at the guide here.

Proposing fixes and changes

You can always get help with bugfixes or discuss changes with our community on Discord, or directly open an issue on Github.

Helping with outstanding issues

Feel free to chime in on any issue. We have also labeled some issues with "Help wanted" or "Good first issue" if you're just getting started with the codebase.

Helping with documentation

The documentation website's repo is here.

Writing/recording tutorials

If you make tutorials or video content about Theatre, tell us to showcase it here :)


Your use of Theatre.js is governed under the Apache License Version 2.0:

  • Theatre's core (@theatre/core) is released under the Apache License. Same goes for most packages in this repository.
  • The studio (@theatre/studio) is released under the AGPL 3.0 License. This is the package that you use to edit your animations, setup your scenes, etc. You only use the studio during design/development. Your project's final bundle only includes @theatre/core, so only the Apache License applies.