Because using Camel to schedule Akka actors is silly
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The Akka scheduler is limited, and using Apache Camel to run timers is silly.

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Works with Akka 2.1.x+ on Scala 2.10.x / 2.11.x


Include the following repository to you Ivy/Maven/SBT file:

"" at ""

Include the following dependency in your build.sbt:

"us.theatr" %% "akka-quartz" % "0.3.0"

(along with any needed Akka dependencies - not included by default)

Create a QuartzActor:

import us.theatr.akka.quartz._
val quartzActor = system.actorOf(Props[QuartzActor])

Send it add messages:

quartzActor ! AddCronSchedule(destinationActorRef, "0/5 * * * * ?", Message())

Now Message() will be delivered to destinationActorRef every 5 seconds.

The Spigot can turn the cron job on or off. All you need to do is to implement

trait Spigot {
  def open: Boolean

And add it to the AddCronSchedule:

val leaderSpigot = new Spigot {
  def open = zookeeperClient.isLeader()
quartzActor ! AddCronSchedule(destinationActorRef, "0/5 * * * * ?", Message(), false, leaderSpigot)

Now Message() will be delivered to destinationActorRef every 5 seconds only if zookeeperClient.isLeader() returns true. This is useful if your service runs in a cluster and you want a single (or some) of the instances in the clusters to run the cron job.

For more information, please see the unit test or consult the JavaDoc/ScalaDoc.

For more documentation about quartz scheduler see


Quartz really isn't that fantastic - a ton of cruft, non-sensical bugs, and "enterprise" anti-patterns. But at least it can parse cron expressions, and I have better things to do than re-implement that.