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ptee - duplicate standard input to several subshells, executing in parallel

Duplicate standard input to standard output as well as any number of sub-commands
given on the command line. Each sub-command is executed in the context of a shell.
By default, the shell given in the SHELL environment variable is used. If not defined,
/bin/sh is used.

As each command is run in a shell, any number of shell commands can be used, such as pipes
and redirects.

ptee does only minimal buffering. If any sub-command stalls, the entire pipeline
will stall. As such, the pipeline will only run at the speed of the slowest component.

Emulate `tee`:

		... | ptee "cat > outputfile" | ...

Create two filtered, compressed files:

	    ... | ptee "grep foo | zcat > out1.gz" "grep bar | zcat > out2.gz" | ...


You can't specify which shell to use for subcommands.

Sub-command's stdout is lost by default. There is no stdout->stdin combinator.

Return code of ptee does not depend on the return code of any sub-shell.

Does not vary its physical training regime. Shells may suffer from RSI.

There are no options.

Yann Ramin <>
(c) 2009 Yann Ramin. All rights reserved. Available under an MIT license from <>