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PyAudioPlay is a threaded Python audio player library. Allows you to play audio
	from OGG Vorbis, MP3, AIFF, and WAV files in a seperate thread.

For MP3 support, PyMad is required.
For OGG Vorbis support, PyVorbis is required.

pyao is always required (its our audio output library for now)

There isn't much documentation right now. You'll probably have to
	divine it out of the source. Sorry! :) I recommend looking	
	at the pyaudioplay/ file, specificaly the end, where there are
	some simple calling of load_file and play.

Currently, no seeking can be done in the files. Audio files which 
	are not 16 bits wide are not supported either (although its a quick fix).

PyAudioPlay exists because of Shallot, a pure Python audio library manager and player,
specificaly designed for embedded targets. Shallot doesn't have a release yet.