Quick Site Generator - Static site generation in a single file
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qsgen is a Python static site generator. It uses a set of
Mako input templates and outputs a static site. qsgen also has builtin
support for code documentation and commenting with highlight generation
using Pygments

== Installing ==

 python setup.py install

All dependencies should be dealt with automatically.

== Features ==

 * Mako templating - by default all .html files are transformed by

 * Pygments syntax highlighting builtin via ${pygment("print
  'Hi'")} or file references via pygment_file

 * Copies non-transformed files into the destination directory

 * No configuration files to write, no rigid structure to follow.

== Usage ==

qsgen accepts only two command line parameters - the desination
directory, and optionally the source directory.

 qsgen /var/www /home/user/sitesource

qsgen will attempt to copy all files which are not .html files. It
will also by default NOT copy files beginning with an underscore
(_base.html for instance), which it considers to be private templating
files. This closely mimics Python's approach to 'private' class