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Bash installer for AUDAX Masternode on Ubuntu
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Audax Masternode

Bash installer for Audax Masternode on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS x64

This shell script comes with 3 maintenance cronjobs:

  1. Make sure the daemon is always running:
  2. Make sure the daemon is never stuck:
  3. Clear the log file every other day:

You will need:

  1. Your genkey, generated from your Audax wallet using masternode genkey in the Debug console
  2. A custom port for SSH, as firewall will be enabled and only the custom port will be allowed for SSH

Login to your vps as root, download the file and then run it:

wget && bash ./

On the client-side, add the following line to audax.conf:

masternode_alias vps-ip:18200 genkey collateral-txhash outputidx

Launch the Audax QT wallet

  1. Go to Masternodes tab
  2. Choose your node and click the "start alias" button


  1. From the debug console in your qt wallet
  2. Type startmasternode alias false mn-alias (where mn-alias is the alias or name of your masternode).

Your masternode should be setup now!

Usage Tips

Check Masternode status: nodestatus
Check Masternode Sync status: syncstatus
Check current block height, wallet version: getinfo
Restart Masternode: restartnode

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